Lecture 16 Comments

1. Not every phone is compatible with every app. Is there a different app available for the people who want the bandaid game that is not on either an iPhone or an iPad? The advertisement explicitly stated iPhone and iPad compatibility, but what about other brands of phones and tablets?
2. I think mobile marketing is extremely effective when there is an incentive to get the ball rolling. This isn’t quite the same as mobile marketing, but for example, if you tag yourself in a status at the bar TJ Quills, you get a free shot. Although it is an unpopular bar, it is making a great initiative to increase the amount of people in their bar from other people spreading their name through the integration of their mobile devices.
A more concrete example of mobile marketing is the geofencing idea, which I agree is effective. Whenever I am near Starbucks, although I might be unaware, they pull me in when I get a notification that I am near their business. I would probably purchase a lot less coffee if I did not have that constant reminder to go to their coffee shop.
3. YouTube analytics can also grab information, such as age, from YouTube accounts. If you are logged into YouTube, then they will be able to pull such demographics from your account(s), which generates a lot less creepy information a part of analytics.
4. Besides piggybacking on something as old as United Breaks Guitar, it has to be relatively well-known when targeting certain demographics. For example, I personally have no idea about what United Breaks Guitar is, and neither do any of my suitemates. It is more unlikely for piggybacking to be effective if people do not know what it is, or if it is irrelevant to them.

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  1. My guess is that the Bandaid app was initially rolled out for Apple devices since they have a large market share, and if they found the campaign effective, they would then roll it out for Android and possibly Windows phones as well.

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