Free Speech on Social Media

The concept of free speech is a huge issue on social media, and the internet in general.

Facebook owns all content that is posted on the social media platform and has control over what can and cannot be posted. However, Facebook has stirred controversy in regards to allowing the depiction of violence, but ensuring content such as breastfeeding, is quickly removed.

Parents want to protect their children from seeing violent events, such as attacks and beheadings, and they often have little to no control over what their children have access to on social networks.

It is a very thin line between free speech and publishing (possibly) traumatizing images for young children and the public to witness.


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Tulane senior, studying Marketing and Psychology. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia. Entrepreneurial Services Director at Fund 17
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One Response to Free Speech on Social Media

  1. This decision is a bit strange, but consistent with US culture of what is acceptable content on television and what isn’t. There is no lack of violence on network television, even though other content is not allowed.

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