Netflix now more popular than HBO

Netflix officially has more paid subscribers in the U.S. than HBO. They’ve been able to add 10million new subscribers in just one year, for a total of over 40 million. While they still have a while to go to catch HBO on a global scale, the article describes that this might not be such a far-fetched idea. It seems that the tv-watching trend has switched from the actual television to online streaming, whether through Netflix, Hulu, or other (sometimes illegal) websites. My question is how is this going to affect advertisements when more people than ever are watching their shows commercial-free online. And if they’re not watching online, chances are they’ve recorded the show and skip commercials anyways. I feel like this trend will only continue and the number of people who see television commercials will continue to shrink. How do you think advertisers will make up for this? (Product placement, website banner ads, etc?) 

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3 Responses to Netflix now more popular than HBO

  1. libbyarganbright says:

    I completely agree with this article! I have HBO at home so I opted out of the HBO package for college living because I figured I could use the HDMI cord to hook on the TV. I have not used hbogo once this semester. I am a huge Netflix fan, probably watching a least one program a day and continually check their new releases or what’s popular among other viewers.

  2. sosharp1 says:

    Especially after House of Cards won an Emmy and making history for television, Netflix and Hulu are capturing tv market share.

  3. This is pretty impressive, especially given all of the issues Netflix ran into not too long ago.

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