Facebook changes

Facebook is changing their privacy settings to appeal to a younger demographic. I am intrigued with how this will play out. On the one hand, people are less excited about Facebook so it is good to attract a younger audience, especially since the older generation has taken over. However, everytime Facebook expands its current users get annoyed. It used to be more exclusive but now they want to reach everyone. It will be interesting to see if people like the change or continue to wish Facebook would go back to its roots.



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2 Responses to Facebook changes

  1. rebeccalrubin says:

    I think this will have the same effect Facebook changes always have. People will be annoyed for the first couple of days and then they’ll get used to the changes and forget what it was like before they were made.

  2. I think Facebook was under too much pressure from competing services to not do this. If kids grow up using a different service, they may be much less inclined to use Facebook once they are old enough.

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