Social Media For Dummies

Stefano Hatfield wrote this article to explain a few of the most popular social media outlets in the simplest terms possible. He light-heartedly pokes fun at those who are out of touch with these new social media and explains how they can be utilized. He ends the article stating that these new “virtual sharing” outlets are not going anywhere and encouraging everyone to jump on the bandwagon.

My interpretation was that he was speaking to Generation X (those born in the early 1960’s to early 1980’s) . What generation or demographic do you think is the most out-of-touch with social media?

Katie Friedlander 

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2 Responses to Social Media For Dummies

  1. dbrandt1119 says:

    My grandparent’s generation is without a doubt most out of touch with social media. They are aware of the companies, but not their capabilities. For some reason I feel like their happier being absent from social media. Rather than rely heavily on technology they are old school and stick to newspapers and phone calls, things that have much more character than social media platforms.

  2. I think the article isn’t meant as much for people who don’t know about certain social media sites, but to make fun of those who know about them, but do not use them.

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