Mobile and Social media are taking over commerce

Retailers and Brands are increasingly focusing attention on social media commerce. Millions of consumers express interest in products through twitter, pinterest, facebook etc daily.

Shoppers have moved to their phones to price compare products. Retailers with mobile apps are drawing attention because it is easy to shop on your phone through these apps. I worked at a retail store this summer and we sold a lot of apparel through posting it on instagram with the price and our phone number. I think it is really important for retailers to move to social media and mobile apps to increase their sales. 

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3 Responses to Mobile and Social media are taking over commerce

  1. katiefriedlander says:

    I have definitely noticed a change in retail with social media. For example, many small boutiques use a Facebook technique where they will post a photo of an item and account members can simply comment their size and color preference and the company can immediately ship it to them. Changes like these will change the game for e-commerce and large retailers will have to make big moves to keep up.

  2. dbrandt1119 says:

    So do you think traditional methods of selling are not worth pursuing? I have always found personal selling to be more effective than a website or an online application. Is the salesman truly dead? And being replaced by 1s and 0s? For some reason this movement towards complete social media immersion is unsettling for me.

  3. I don’t think that the salesman is truly dead. Most commerce still happens offline. However we are definitely seeing some new forms of commerce online.

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