“McDonald’s Won’t Be Lovin’ This NYC Sidewalk Art Piece by Banksy”

This is brilliant. 

Bansky made a giant replica of Ronald McDonald – the “beloved” McDonald’s mascot. He will shine the shoes of the installation to symbolize the greed of corporate america. I think it’s a clever idea because it is simple, unique, emotional, and Banksy is definitely credible as an artist/activist. 

How will this effect activity on McDonald’s social networks? 


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4 Responses to “McDonald’s Won’t Be Lovin’ This NYC Sidewalk Art Piece by Banksy”

  1. anoymer says:

    Interesting idea. I feel like this won’t have much impact on McDonalds – its going to take more than a man shining Ronald McDonalds shoes to bring down the empire.

  2. I agree. McDonald’s has a loyal following. I think it could impact corporate and make them re-think some of their actions and how it affects the consumer though. It will be interesting to see the impacts.

  3. kfriedla says:

    I agree as well. McDonald’s has too loyal of a following to be affected by one small act. I do think McDonald’s will have to monitor social media posts with pictures of this figure. As we’ve mentioned about other brands in class, it’s important for brands to constantly monitor–and sometimes respond to–negative jabs toward the brand.

  4. While negative, I don’t think it changes anyone’s perception of McDonald’s much.

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