Is Twitter a thing of the past?

To me, Twitter is outdated and I hardly ever use it anymore. Additionally, none of my friends are active on Twitter (except to talk about sports) so I have little motivation to engage in this social network again. I never was an active tweeter to begin with because I felt that it was a competition of ‘wit’ that I just was not capable of and the less my friends tweeted the less I logged on in general. Apparently Twitter realizes that I am not the only person who feels this way and is starting to find new ways to get people back on the Twitter feed. This article explains a little more of their strategies to gain attention again.

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3 Responses to Is Twitter a thing of the past?

  1. I think one of Twitter’s main strengths is its ability to build conversations around current topics, independent of who is in your social network. Because of that, Twitter has been trying to grow as a medium to connect around topics rather than around people.

  2. coshmith says:

    Interesting. I would have thought, if anything, Twitter use was increasing. I’m an avid tweeter (of pretty useless stream of consciousness thoughts, but still), but I also get my news and sports game updates from my personalized timeline. This new infrastructure they’re talking about implementing would definitely create a more active environment, so perhaps user retention will increase.

  3. jakefeinsilber says:

    I dont necessarily think that people need to Tweet in order for them to have a Twitter Account. If they want followers, then they should tweet, but some people use it to get news. I love Twitter. I use it everyday, may not necessarily tweet everyday, but I check it more than ten times a day to get my news. Its quick, easy, and you can see posts geared towards your liking by following what suits you. I think Twitter is here to stay, and could possible take over Facebook as a way to communicate with other people in the future.

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