What Companies Should Really Focus on When Creating a Youtube Video

Since fewer than 1% of all Youtube videos exceed 1 million views, maybe trying to go viral is not in the best interest for a company. There are other more important and efficient ways in making a video that is helpful for a brand. Simple things like the video description and the title go a long way for effectiveness. Companies should aim for more subscribers, not viewers so people come back to their channel and watch more videos. Also, a higher quality video that is expertly produced will definitely increase the amount of viewers. Don’t forget pray a little too because luck has a lot to do with the popularity of Youtube videos.


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2 Responses to What Companies Should Really Focus on When Creating a Youtube Video

  1. mrosamon says:

    This article presents an interesting point. I agree that many companies are not realizing the full potential of their Youtube channels by simply focusing on virality. The author of the article comments that many brands use Youtube solely to republish television commercials; however, many consumers turn to Youtube with the hopes of avoiding advertisements. I believe that companies should use Youtube to publish unique content that focuses on attracting more subscribers. Some examples for such content are an entertaining mini-series about the brand, consumer Q&A, or quick profiles of various products.

  2. I think a good strategy is the one we saw with HubSpot, where YouTube is just another channel used to create a larger online presence, helping their inbound marketing efforts.

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