Tesla Car Catches on Fire.

Tesla does their best to respond to a PR nightmare.

Last week a Tesla ran over an oddly shaped metal object and caused the front of the vehicle to catch fire.

Below are the links to the news video showing the car on fire as well as the written response to the accident by Elon Musk, Chairman, Product Architect & CEO of Tesla Motors.


(written response to incident)

Was the response by the CEO enough to please consumers and stockholders? Should consumers and stockholders be concerned? How much will this damage the image of the company?

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2 Responses to Tesla Car Catches on Fire.

  1. I think they need another and shorter response for the millions of people who saw the video, but don’t have enough interest to read the full statement.

    • ssack2013 says:

      I agree. This is where the use of social media could make an exponential difference on how many people he can reach and expose his thoughts to. Not that an apology/explanation would counteract the incident, but it would surely help. Hardly anyone with maybe the exception of his shareholders would read something that lengthy.

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