“Fake Traffic is Causing a Crisis for Advertisers”

An article in Adweek caught my eye. It talks about how there are a ton of fake accounts on the internet that have began to take over. Ad exchanges and clicks are being created by ‘bots’. “Of course, there are plenty of those who think this is being blown out of proportion. Some in the online ad world see bots, fake traffic and the like as a manageable nuisance, hardly a crisis. But the ranks of the alarmed are growing by the day.” 

However, the article also mentioned that fake traffic is also highly important to how the business works. 

How do you think this impacts social media? With more people recognizing that there is a web of fake users and accounts, will this have an effect on how people use the internet in the future? 


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One Response to “Fake Traffic is Causing a Crisis for Advertisers”

  1. I guess in the end companies need to look at other metrics beyond clicks to figure out whether their campaigns are worth their while. If they aren’t getting good results, either because of bots, or any other factor (e.g. lack of interest) then they need to change their strategy.

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