Twitter Feuds Between Brands

This week, Mashable ranked The Top 5 Most Notorious Brand Feuds on Twitter. Less controversial than United Breaks Guitars–these feuds make customers laugh, rather than uncomfortable. We’ve discussed most of these brands in class (Oreo, Old Spice, Taco Bell), which reaffirms their presence on Social Media.

Check it out! Which feud is your favorite? 

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3 Responses to Twitter Feuds Between Brands

  1. vgerardi1 says:

    I really liked to the Oreo/ KitKat “feud” because as the article says, Oreo ended up complimenting KitKat. Most companies want to prove that they are the best or that they are right, but Oreo’s compliment (instead of acceptance to the challenge or an insult) created positive exposure for both companies.

  2. kfriedla says:

    I really like the Old Spice vs. Taco Bell feud–very clever response to a playful jab. I think it’s great that brands hire witty social media experts to come up with fun responses to any tweets that come their way. It’s reassuring to know that not all social media posts on behalf of brands are timed, unoriginal updates that customers don’t always want to read.

  3. Next companies will pick up on this trend and start creating fake feuds, just as a way to garner attention…

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