Social Media Marketing Contests

Although this article is about a year old, it shows some interesting and successful social media marketing contests. I thought that the Rio de Janeiro contest was interesting because it used a social media contest to increase its fan base rather than to promote a product like most other contests. The company’s Facebook fans went from 4,000 to 16,000, an enormous increase. I also found it interesting that, as noted in the part about the Dorito’s contest, that Twitter Guidelines do not allow for company’s to have retweeting contests. This has shifted Twitter contests to having ¬†customers respond to a tweet that isn’t a copy of the original tweet. I think that this may lead to less exposure than a retweet because if your followers do not follow an account that you tweet at, the tweet will not be in the newsfeed- it will only be seen when you go to the person’s actual account whereas the retweet would be seen in the newsfeed. Even so, it is still a cheap and easy way for a company to gain exposure and promote a product while abiding to Twitter’s rules.

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  1. I wonder it there was a positive ROI to the Rio contest. A free trip to Carnival is not cheap…

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