Social Media’s Diminished Impact on Business

Here is an interesting video that serves as an eye opener to the real impacts of social media on business.  I believe that social media does have an impact still on business but the diminishing effect comes from the fact that people are not easily persuaded by people’s opinionated posts anymore.  Everyone has opinions, and were seeing that people are not as effected as we thought.  United Breaks Guitars case is a great example; the video was entertaining and had many views, but United did not loose money as we had expected because people ultimately did not change their airline preferences.


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2 Responses to Social Media’s Diminished Impact on Business

  1. While I agree with the general point of this video, I do think that looking only at the percent of traffic that comes directly from social media is an incomplete way to measure its impact.

  2. sosharp1 says:

    It’s interesting that Facebook brings in 3% and searches bring in 33%. It shows the power of the customer and his/her ability to WANT to connect.

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