Chipotle Video

I have noticed that this video has gone viral in the last couple of weeks – it is a video put out by Chipotle to differentiate Chipotle as a distinct fast food restaurant that doesn’t use processed foods and purchases food locally and is healthier than other restaurants. I find this interesting and relevant, not just because it has gone viral, but because it is the first big advertisement put out by Chipotle. I question, though, whether this was the best avenue for Chipotle to take. Today, we discussed the importance of targeting the right market segment with your advertisements. I think that Chipotle, by using social media, such as youtube, is targeting young adults. However, I think that the important message included in this advertisement is much more relevant for an older generation because many young people are more aware of Chipotle’s beliefs regarding processed foods and are aware of the types of foods they are putting into their bodies. So, I present this question: While this video has gone viral and has certainly reached the masses, has it really been an effective advertisement for chipotle?


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4 Responses to Chipotle Video

  1. ifine8 says:

    This video is a great form of marketing and I hope they adopt their new market position by offering their customers quality ingredients. It is pretty funny that they just bought them selves back from McDonalds who are infamous for their poor quality food and now are repping their farm fresh products. This clearly was a huge budget marketing campaign, I just hope they are devoting as much money and time as they did to this video as they are to their food. Felipes is still better šŸ˜‰

  2. cmclaugh2013 says:

    I think this goes back to the idea of inbound marketing: Create content that consumers want to see. I believe that consumers today are really good at recognizing and tuning out traditional marketing and ads like these exist to reach consumers on a more emotional level. Although the
    Chipotle brand is only loosely tied to the commercial (and on screen for all of a second) consumers have responded really well to the ad.
    I do not think the goal of this ad was to make younger demographics aware of Chipotle’s beliefs. I think the goal of this video was to make people FEEL something emotionally and to get people amped up about food production.Its serving a greater cause then just promoting Chiptole, and that is why the ad is so successful.
    If you couldn’t already tell I love this commercial. Also Fiona Apple has an awesome voice. Great cover of a Willy Wonka song

  3. I think this ad is awesome. It is not traditional and doesn’t scream chipotle, but I think the message behind it, the way the story was illustrated, and the overall feeling I got after watching it were that it was really well done. It is risky for a fast-food type business to take a commercial in a more artistic direction because we are used to seeing millions of fast-food commercials all the time. This one is different, thought-provoking, and effective. I am glad Chipotle is taking the time and energy to ensure that their products are quality.

  4. I definitely agree with what you guys are saying. I think it was definitely a risk for Chipotle to use this commercial, but I think they definitely knew what they were doing. This commercial doesn’t work as strictly an advertisement/promotional piece, however, I don’t think Chipotle intended it to be an advertisement for their product. I think it’s more of an advertisement for their beliefs/values, and the company’s ideas, not products. People are used to looking at product commercials all day long, so creating something so different is a great way to make people take a look at your business. This commercial could never stand alone as the only piece of advertisement for Chipotle as they don’t really describe their product that well.

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