Turning a Viral Video into a Hiring Opportunity

Marina Shifrin was fed up with the lack of work/life balance at the company that she worked for. To make a statement when leaving her job,  she created this video stating her reasoning for leaving the company through what some may call “interpretive dance”.

While Marina’s video is humorous, and viewers are likely to sympathize with her plight, this caused an HR and PR nightmare for the company that she was working for, Next Media Animation.  What is the company that produces videos for the news supposed to about this? Well, they could beg Marina to take it down off YouTube, offer her a settlement to get rid of the video, or even report it. But it was too late, the video had gone viral and the public continued to feast their eyes on Marina’s smooth moves.

Instead, Next Media Animation released this video, piggybacking off Marina’s, in order to highlight their corporate culture and explain some of the perks of working there. While their dance moves may not be as fun as Marina’s, the company’s response has attracted over 2.5 million viewers! NMA deserves major recognition for being able to turn the negative publicity caused by the video into a chance to explain themselves and advertise that they are now hiring.

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2 Responses to Turning a Viral Video into a Hiring Opportunity

  1. This is a great reply to the original video.

  2. ssack2013 says:

    I was about to post these videos myself, but I had a feeling someone would have posted it earlier. Apparently I was right. I think Next Media Animation did great job recognizing an opportunity out of something that seemed like a threat. Instead of being defensive and/or creating a negative video about the ex-employee, they piggybacked off her idea, wished her well, and made their work environment seem enjoyable. Im sure they will be receiving a lot more job applications and positive attention from the press because of how well they handled their ex-employee and her interpretive dance.

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