Holding Hands for Chocolate

This is amazing. While it doesn’t necessarily take place on social media, this campaign has the capability to reach far and wide through social media. The video of this marketing stunt has over 1 million views, which speaks to our focus on the elements that make a video go viral. 

The ad agency in Argentina placed a cow facing a vending machine. The vending machine need the transfer of energy from the cow in order to dispense free candy. Someone has to touch the cow and then find other people to hold hands with and make a human chain to touch the vending machine and get free candy. 

The central idea is that technology is ruining relationships and distancing humans from one another. This concept is universal and the fact that the video has spanish captions and is understood by all (as evident in the amount of views), highlights that fact.

What made this video go viral? 


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2 Responses to Holding Hands for Chocolate

  1. samanthaoppenheim says:

    I believe this video went viral because it employs almost all elements of the “SUCCESS Model” that we discussed in class when learning about engineering virality. According to this model, videos that are simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, emotional, and that tell a story are more likely to go viral than videos that don’t possess these qualities. The message of this video, joining hands to obtain chocolate out of a vending machine, is simple. Additionally, the situation is unexpected because it involves a cow statue that moves as individuals participate. The core elements of this video, a cow; chocolate; and a vending machine, are concrete, easily visualized nouns. Furthermore, the video is credible and evokes emotional arousal from the viewer due to its sentimental message. It is important to remember, however, that following a formula does not ensure virality–luck is a significant portion of a video’s success.

  2. It is also a great example of what we discussed when we talked about word of mouth marketing, and giving people something in the real world to talk about related to your product.

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