Will Social Media Force the NFL’s Third-Most Valuable Franchise to Change Its Name?

There is always been controversy on professional sports teams’ names with the belief that the names are offensive to certain groups of people. Recently, The Washington Redskins are currently in the spotlight and have received a lot of criticism from advocates who find the name offensive. This article notes that many people have turned to social media to express their opinion in hopes that they can make a change.


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2 Responses to Will Social Media Force the NFL’s Third-Most Valuable Franchise to Change Its Name?

  1. mserino says:

    Here’s an interesting response to the controversy from SI’s Rick Reilly…

    Says Reilly: “…The 81-year-old Washington Redskins name is falling, and everybody better get out of the way. For the majority of Native Americans who don’t care, we’ll care for them. For the Native Americans who haven’t asked for help, we’re glad to give it to them.

    Trust us. We know what’s best. We’ll take this away for your own good, and put up barriers that protect you from ever being harmed again.

    Kind of like a reservation.”

  2. This is an interesting debate, although in the end it will all come down to money. If the vocal minority can convince enough people to shun the team, they may change their name, but if there is a small group of very loud people who don’t really affect the bottom line, then nothing will likely change.

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