Customer Complaints Gone Viral

Hi guys–

After the last class when we discussed how a customer complaint went viral through the “United Breaks Guitars” video, I did my own research on how often this occurs and sought to find some other examples. Check the link below for 4 other customer complaints that went viral and let me know if you think the implications were similar to those that United faced. The most interesting, in my opinion, is the way that Ritz Carlton made a customer request go viral and truly showed the hospitable aspect of their brand. Although the Ritz never initially received a “complaint,” they did receive an obscene customer request and made the most of it — well deserving of the viral nature of their picture! 

Check the link out:

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2 Responses to Customer Complaints Gone Viral

  1. I like that they keep citing the $180 million figure as if it were a fact in the United Breaks Guitar case. Just goes to show you that people often don’t check facts for themselves…

    • ddoukas says:

      Haha – yes! It was all for the media and press to gain attention. Interesting how fast this inaccurate number spread across the internet!

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