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“Virgin America Made an Airplane Safety Video You’ll Actually Want to Watch”

This goes along with our discussion of making something go viral. Virgin America has a way of making air travel much more modern. If you’ve never been on a Virgin America plane this is what you can expect: black leather … Continue reading

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A video that makes you rethink social networks

The video attached to the link below highlights some key points about social media outlets that are not the common way to look at online activity. It discusses how people “collect friends like stamps” and makes interactions on social media … Continue reading

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Users Log in With Facebook instead of Creating New Accounts Online

Facebook is truly taking over in many areas of the online world. Users are now logging in with their Facebook accounts, instead of creating new accounts online for third-party applications and websites. Recent data has shown that out of the … Continue reading

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Schools Monitoring Students’ Social Media This article from the New York Times, “Warily, Schools Watch Students on the Internet,” speaks about school officials’ rights to monitor what students are posting online. The general argument is over the rights of the … Continue reading

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Review Sites and Apps

I love Yelp and Urbanspoon and definitely use those two apps to compare restaurant options or see what is available in the area. These apps are very well-developed so I have not really considered looking into other options. However, a … Continue reading

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Vycarious: The Next Big Thing? Vycarious, a new social application, allows you to create your own and follow your friends’ “experiences.” This app is created to let you live vicariously through what your friends are doing and vice versa, to … Continue reading

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Google Analytics for SEO optimization

This article really relates well to our upcoming class discussion this Thursday. Its a free tool Google has that gives you lots of crucial information on people viewing your website, such as demographics of these people and what keywords they … Continue reading

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