#1 Mistake Online Advertisers Make Regarding Viral Videos

According to this article, even though a company’s online video advertisement may end up going viral, a majority of viewers may not even know the ad is for the company. When creating ads for the Internet, marketers attempt to create interesting content that hardly resembles traditional advertisements. Unfortunately, a significant portion of marketers have been focusing on this goal to the extent that they almost completely eliminate brand references in their videos. In fact, only 6% of online videos include both a visual and verbal mention of the brand that sponsored it, which is necessary to aid the brain in remembering the brand. For example, the video that promotes the Dove Beauty Campaign has been watched nearly 50 million times, but a majority of the viewers didn’t even realize the video was sponsored by Dove. It is important for marketers to remember that the goal of online advertising is to create awareness for their brand–not just accumulate views.


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4 Responses to #1 Mistake Online Advertisers Make Regarding Viral Videos

  1. noahsbbt says:

    I feel that recently the trend has been trying to provide a clear message in these ads that fit into the company’s culture without really explicitly displaying the company. An example of this was seen from the new Chipotle ad. I understand the goal in doing this, as long as eventually the users know who sponsored to ad in order to link the two together.

  2. daniellemarshall92 says:

    I found this article really interesting. I never really thought about it before, but now that the article points it out, I agree with the fact that often consumers do not even realize what brand is sponsoring the video. I think companies may get too caught up in trying to get their video to “go viral” that they loose sight of the main purpose of the video. It is essential that they make sure the viewer recognizes their brand in the video for it to be an effective marketing campaign.

  3. Marketers need to be aware of consumer perceptions. Most people forget what company an ad was for within ten minutes of seeing the commercial. Advertisers need to make brand recognition more of a pressing issue and that way, they can see more consumer appreciation and involvement based on the ability to put it together that certain campaigns are representative of their products.

  4. As we discussed in class, companies often lose sight of the real goal of advertising, and turn ads into popularity contests.

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