Twitter and TV: Partners in Crime

Created in 2006, Twitter was taken with a grain of salt at first. Why would anybody want to know what you are having for lunch? Why would anybody want to know that you just went to the bathroom? Over the past few years, Twitter has reached new heights in all ways, shapes, and forms, and the cooperation of Television and the social media site has contributed greatly to that. Starting around 2011, televisions shows started to integrate Hashtags and Twitter Handles into their episodes or newscasts. Today, it is hard to watch a show and not see the name of the show on the bottom righthand corner of the screen. 

The combination of television and Twitter has allowed for a greater interaction between fans and the cast of the show or the contestants on a reality series. I can say from personal experience, that when I tweet something that includes “#BreakingBad”, I feel as if I am part of something greater. When looking through my twitter feed, I also often see celebrities live-tweeting during the airing of a certain episode.

It is amazing to see the transformation of how people watch T.V. Most people that are constant users of Twitter will not sit on their couch and stare blankly at the boob-tube. Instead, they have their phone in hand and fingers ready to tweet their comments and emotions in less than 140 characters.


On a side note, the use of Hashtags have even made it into the human-to-human, face-to-face conversation (#watchthis):

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One Response to Twitter and TV: Partners in Crime

  1. I think that is one of Twitter’s big advantages over Facebook. You can build conversations around themes, even with people you don’t know. So you can engage with others who have similar interests.

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