Looking for a Job? Apps Take on Hiring Process


This is an article/video about a new app called Apploi that is used for job hiring purposes. This app allows consumers to apply to jobs on any mobile device or tablet. Since the job application process takes time, I don’t know how successful this app will be. I can’t imagine myself applying for a job using a small touch screen, instead of using a keyboard to quickly type on. I find it especially interesting that the app has a special video feature for applicants to post a one minute video about themselves. It allows the hiring companies to get an idea of the applicant’s personality and helps them decide if they would fit well with the company. This would make the hiring process easier because it would allow companies to skip unnecessary interviews by weeding through job application videos.

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One Response to Looking for a Job? Apps Take on Hiring Process

  1. This might work for some kinds of jobs, but many jobs require too much information for it to be practical to complete the application on a phone.

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