How Kenya turned to social media after mall attack

This CNN article discusses how the citizens of Kenya have used social media forums to gain information and raise money after the attack on the mall in Nairobi. The first information the country received about the attack was from the Twitters, Facebooks, and Instagrams of people in the mall at that time. The people of Kenya gain a lot of their information about events like this from the twitter accounts of their police force or government. Citizens have also started using certain hashtags during crisis to find useful information and raise money. For example, during a public transportation strike, people used a specific hashtag to find people to carpool with. Americans are similar in that we can gain knowledge that an event took place because we see it on social media, but we do not gather as a community through social media in the same way. Using a hashtag to carpool is such a smart idea that takes advantage of social media to help with something as basic as getting to work in the morning, even if it means going with strangers. The Kenyon Red Cross was even able to coordinate the largest blood drive in the countries history through social media. It all shows how social media is prevalent and helpful all over the world. There are constantly new ways being thought of to use social media to benefit the community, and not just for entertainment or advertising purposes.

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One Response to How Kenya turned to social media after mall attack

  1. This is another great example of the role of social media in emergency management. As discussed in one of the prior posts, Twitter is actually trying to ad in emergency system to their service.

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