Yelp is a Powerful Marketing Tool

I was recently reading this article,, to get a sense of how prevalent Yelp is among social media communities. I was first shocked to notice that restaurants are actually not the most commonly reviewed entity, and that actually shopping is! Furthermore, a poll showed that customer service went the furthest in satisfying customers and generating the best reviews. Finally, Yelp does not advice for businesses to encourage its customers to write reviews. Yelp simply wants to promote website awareness, but by not forcing any customers to relay their opinions, the site can ensure “quality over quantity.” How often do you guys write reviews? And what types of places do you commonly write them for? Are your reviews prompted by an internal desire to share your thoughts, or were you encouraged externally? And when you write the reviews, are they only bad? 

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2 Responses to Yelp is a Powerful Marketing Tool

  1. sweisser says:

    That was an interesting read. Some of the stuff like The Streisand Effect I had already heard of but I didn’t know about their sticker policy and it was interesting to see that they found an increase in revenue for each star in a review. I’ve only used Yelp a few times to get reviews and suggestions but I’ve never left a review myself. But I think as we talked about in class, people are more likely to leave bad reviews but on average, people usually have a good experience and so I would think that bad reviews wouldn’t have too much weight on the over the good ones for the places on Yelp.

  2. mgermai says:

    I had an interesting Yelp experience that somewhat relates to the issues in this article/your questions presented:

    I have a Yelp account and only comment very rarely – when service is very good or very bad. A few weeks ago, I hired a cleaning company to clean my apartment when I moved in and they were absolutely terrible. Ultimately, I was extremely angry and posted a negative (but truthful) post against the company on Yelp. Only a few days later, I received a cease and desist letter from the company indicating that if I did not remove the post from Yelp, legal action would be taken against me for defamation. This presented an interesting implication for me. Suddenly, it occurred to me that Yelp is not as reliable as I originally believed as companies can simply threaten legal action against anyone who posts a negative review. Yelp reviews are skewed as a result.

    I believe this has great implications for companies using Yelp to advertise/promote their services or products, as the standard of reviews is skewed toward the positive and there is less distinction between good and bad companies.

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