10,000 Instagram followers and never have to pay for a hotel room again?

I stumbled upon this article and thought it was a very interesting marketing campaign: a hotel in Australia named ‘1888 Hotel’ is offering a FREE one night stay to any Instagram user with 10,000+ followers. All you have to do is follow them on Instagram and let them know you are coming!


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2 Responses to 10,000 Instagram followers and never have to pay for a hotel room again?

  1. I like how this builds on the idea of reciprocity. They only ask you to follow them, not to take pictures of the hotel, but wouldn’t you feel obliged to after they gave you a free night?

  2. ssack2013 says:

    I think this is a great idea. By doing this, 1888 has already created a lot of WOM that will spread all over the world. They will acquire customers from several countries and turn their hotel into a destination spot. By making these “instragramers” follow them, 1888 immediately becomes into contact with all 10,000+ people that follow that “instagramer”. It is a genius marketing strategy that will be well worth giving away one free night because most likely whoever comes to stay will want to stay more than one night.
    I think that choosing instagram instead of twitter or Facebook was a good conscious decision on 1888’s part because Instagram reaches more people than Facebook and creates a more personal message than twitter. Just like Prof. Mochon said, the people who win the free day will not only feel obligated, but be happy to post pictures of their experience at 1888. Those pictures will show at least 10,000 people how fun the trip was and stimulate even more WOM about how awesome the hotel is.

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