These Are The People Who Are Quitting Facebook

I’ve considered leaving the social media mecca, Facebook, and I am not alone. According to the Pew Research Center, “nearly half (46.8 percent) of the current Facebook users surveyed said they’d previously considered quitting the site.  A full 61 percent of members say they’ve taken extended breaks from Facebook, lasting several weeks or more.” 

So, who is actually quitting Facebook? A team surveyed over 300 people who had quit FB and 321 FB members on their personality, internet tendecies and attitudes toward privacy, this is what they found…

-They’re more likely to be men

-They’re slightly older

-They’re (slightly) more addicted to the web– but so is everyone

-They had fewer friends

-Their tenure and time on the site is no different 

-Concern about privacy (not shockingly, number one reason…)

Have you ever considered leaving FB? Do you know anyone who has actually left– do they fit any of these findings? It would be interesting to see “what defines those who choose to stay on the social network? Why are they still there?” 

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2 Responses to These Are The People Who Are Quitting Facebook

  1. daniellemarshall92 says:

    I do know a lot of people that have left Facebook over the past year. I find the reason that most people our age quit Facebook is because it distracts them from doing things that need to be done (such as homework). We often find ourselves on Facebook and essentially wasting time to avoid doing something we don’t want to do. I know several people that either de activate or leave Facebook all together when they have a lot of work to get done so that they will not be tempted to go on. I also have heard of several people leaving recently just because they find it superficial and because of privacy concerns.

  2. I think that what is more common (and more worrisome for Facebook) is that many people simply stop logging in. So their profile still exists, but they simply don’t go to Facebook anymore. I would love to see the numbers for this segment.

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