Siri’s Smarter and Block your Ex

Not only did Apple sell 9 million iPhone 5S and 5C during its first weekend, but 200 million iPhone users downloaded the iOS 7 software onto their phones. The new design and features have people talking. WonderHowTo summarizes the coolest 18 features of the new software:

1. Siri can pronounce phonetic names

2. Take faster series of photos

3. Bounce the camera from the home screen

4. Audio-only FaceTime

5. Block callers without contacting your provider

6. Swipe left and ride to go to previous screens

7. Zoom while recording videos

8. Add calendar events from texts (great for group projects!)

9. Head gestures switch controls (must change settings)

10. Timestamps for all text messages!!!!

11. Search iPhone from home screen

12. Siri has two alibis (male and female)

13. Compass can level your shelves

14. Monitor App Data Usage

15. Can force close multiple apps at one time

16. Share files with AirDrop

17. New ringtones and wallpapers

18. Disable Parallex effect


Which is your favorite new feature?

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2 Responses to Siri’s Smarter and Block your Ex

  1. rnussba1 says:

    #7…it’s about time

  2. I think #4 is overdue. Video chat is great, but not always.

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