“Android KitKat”: Google’s Next Mobile Operating System


Kit-Kat linking itself to technology? Kit-Kat and Google are attempting to co-brand by naming Google’s next mobile operating system “Android KitKat.”

(More info on that here: http://www.adweek.com/news/technology/googles-android-kitkat-will-appear-50-million-candy-bars-152173) 

Kit-Kat wants to promote the idea that it is a well-crafted, user friendly…chocolate bar. The idea is clever and creative, but is it effective? Kit-Kat has even redesigned its website to fit the modern, streamlined look that Google is famous for. 

(see more here: http://kitkat.com)

Can this type of co-branding be effective for both parties? A chocolate bar paired with a software? Why? I think Kit-Kat is trying to make chocolate bars become more of a necessity — a go-to-solution (like a web browser) — and Google is trying to become more nostalgic and consumer-based. The idea is interesting, but who knows if it will work. 


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One Response to “Android KitKat”: Google’s Next Mobile Operating System

  1. This is cute, although I worry that the joke will be lost on most people who don’t know that Google names the versions of its Android operating system after types of candy.

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