People moving away from social media

This article discusses a study which found that 48 percent of people who deactivated their Facebook account, did so due to privacy concerns. It also brought up an interesting point that Mark Zuckerburg (Facebook creator) argued in 2010, saying privacy is no longer seen as a ‘social-norm’. I find this a bit concerning, especially as I am about to enter the job market, and I believe the privacy settings of my social media is a really important issue.

People are becoming more and more open with their social media, and I think sometimes we forget the implications of posting certain content online…


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Tulane senior, studying Marketing and Psychology. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia. Entrepreneurial Services Director at Fund 17
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One Response to People moving away from social media

  1. I agree. While privacy settings are a good way to protect your content, there is still no better protection than simply not posting content that you don’t want others to see.

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