Google Says Facebook is Doomed

I thought this was an interesting read.

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2 Responses to Google Says Facebook is Doomed

  1. mrosamon says:

    I think the author poses several interesting points. Google is an admired company that continues to innovate and expand; conversely, Facebook seems to only gain notoriety without any real progress. Currently, Facebook is cluttered with advertisements, and many younger users are beginning to leave the site in favor of other networks like Twitter and Instagram. I think that Facebook should try to reposition itself and choose a more refined target market. If Facebook continues to try to appeal to users of all ages, its future is not promising.

  2. Even though I agree with the overall sentiment of the article, it ignores the fact that Google has been around a lot longer, and that Facebook still has an opportunity to change. If it does, it could also be a highly innovative company.

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