Why do only 7% of managers consider social media skills important for employees?

I found this article very relevant as it highlights points we studied in class and read in some articles. Some managers do not seem to consider enough the potential power of social networks, because they are not really used to it in general (as explained in the “Social Media” reading). So they do not really consider it, and miss some opportunities. One of them is the potential impact of their employees on social medias with regard to the company, and so the importance of their social media skills. A good thing to take into consideration.


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3 Responses to Why do only 7% of managers consider social media skills important for employees?

  1. zrose12 says:

    very interesting number considering social media is such a powerful tool where the benefits outnumber the risks in my opinion. However, I think it depends on the type of company and culture of the employees as to why it’s not seen as such an important skill.

  2. vgoldbri says:

    I think that we will see a big change in the number of companies really trying to use social media as one of their primary promotion tools. As with every new invention it simply takes some time to adopt to new standards and tools. Letting your employees use social media can definitely help your company, but I also have to say that not allowing any form of social media during working hours might not be a mistake. Many people spend hours and hours on sites like facebook without learning anything or getting a lot fo new information and in the end simply waste their time.

  3. The number I found even more surprising is that only 16% of managers consider social media as very important for promotional purposes.

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