Chipotle’s Controversial Scarecrow Campaign Goes Viral

Chipotle’s new video ad, released on YouTube almost 4 days ago, went viral within 48 hours. This video is a narrative rather than a regular advertisement. It has received large amounts of criticism already, especially from competing brands, who declare the video distorts the reality of conventional farming. Chipotle’s video does an amazing job at evoking intense emotion for viewers. Originally this ad was created to market Chipotle’s new mobile game, but after only 4 days it has proven to stir up a lot more buzz than expected.

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2 Responses to Chipotle’s Controversial Scarecrow Campaign Goes Viral

  1. Chipotle’s videos are definitely popular, although I’ve often wondered how effective they are. This one (and Willie Nelson’s video) simply make me not want to eat out at all…

  2. kfriedla says:

    When I first saw this ad, I was immediately impressed by how well-made and creative it was. Yes, it does put other food brands in a negative light, but I think Chipotle did a good job of doing so in a tasteful manner. It artistically conveys a message about a cause that most consumers aren’t aware of or don’t fully understand.

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