Schools monitoring students’ social media

A school in California has decided to pay a business to monitor their students’ social media accounts. The school is doing this to monitor violent behavior and illegal activities. This article struck me because I don’t know if I would like my school monitoring my facebook or twitter. However, it does bring up the important point that everything you post on social media is open for the public eye and I understand that the school is implementing this monitoring process for the safety and benefit of their students. What do you think?


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4 Responses to Schools monitoring students’ social media

  1. vgoldbri says:

    This is a very difficult and delicate topic. I am myself not entirely sure if I am against or for this monitoring of students. On the one hand I am sure that it has a lot of benefits and can definitely prevent bad things as suicides or school shootings from happening. What is more people who are bullied on the web might be found and supported. But on the other hand even such monitoring might not prevent everything and reduces everyone’s privacy. Of course one can argue that it’s everyone’s personal decision what to post publicly, but if a simple post can lead to one’s eventual questioning at a police office, because of the company reporting to them, it is definitely going to far.
    Maybe it would be a better solution to offer courses for parents in which they can learn how to observe and talk to their kids online themselves. Especially if they feel that their kid’s behavior is changing dramatically and they don’t know why and cannot get them to talk about what worries them, then monitoring their kid online or communicating online might be a good solution.

  2. sbl125 says:

    I don’t think it is the school’s business to monitor social media that occurs outside the classroom. I understand that it is for the safety and benefit of the students, but I feel that it is an extreme invasion of privacy. Social media is supposed to be an outlet for people and a way to connect with others from across the world. I don’t think this type of connecting should be monitored by a school. Monitoring a student’s social media will just make the student not want to use it. Facebook and Twitter accounts are personal, and if my school monitored my accounts I would make different accounts they didn’t monitor. I think that the school is trying to control something so far out of their control. By attempting to take control of students’ social media, they will just drive students to make secret accounts or drive them away from social media.

  3. daniellemarshall92 says:

    I agree with sbl125 with the fact that schools monitoring students’ social media are invading the students’ privacy. I think that if students know that their school is monitoring their social media, they will just create new accounts that the school does not know about under a different name. I am curious though if the company can access these profiles even if the user has them on private or if they can only search through profiles that are public to everyone.

  4. I understand what the school is trying to do, but I wonder whether this is the best method. I think it is too easy for students to avoid being monitored (e.g. change privacy settings, use fake names, etc.) for this to be effective, so it ends up being a very expensive and useless violation of privacy.

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