“Line”, the All-In-One App from Japan

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have taken over America and swept them off their feet in terms of communicating with other people. That is… in the Western Hemisphere. If you travel across the globe over to the Eastern Hemisphere, you will find a 2-year old social media communication app called Line. Created in Japan, Line has over 260 million registered users in its two years of existence, something that, as the article pointed out, “a milestone that Facebook did not reach until it was five years old.” 

Line lets you communicate with you friends, tell them what is going on, send them silly Stickers, and play games with your amigos, all in one app. Now I know what your probably thinking, “Oh no, why do we need another stupid app to tell people what I am eating for lunch?” The reason: Line was made specifically for smartphones. Making it easier for people to use the app immediately on their smartphones, and only on their smartphones, Line is the current craze in Japan. The country of Spain has also taken up the use of Line, which means that it is creeping closer and closer to America. 

Look it up, think about it, maybe even try it out; after all, it is free! As stated in the article, even Mark Zuckerberg’s sister, Randi, knows about the app after a trip to Japan: “All the cool kids are using Line.”


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One Response to “Line”, the All-In-One App from Japan

  1. 260 million is a very impressive number. On the down side, they have less than 1% of the US market, and as we discussed when we talked about network externalities, you need a basic critical mass to get the ball rolling. The question is whether it provides something that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. don’t provide that will convince enough people to adopt it.

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