Twitter Announces Upcoming IPO

After Facebook (FB/NASDAQ) announced its IPO in February 2012 and officially went public that May, the company previously valued at $50 B quickly declined and stocks tanked to half the initial price. Since the company went public, executives have had trouble maintaing customers’ privacies, managing mobile use, and maximizing profits from advertisements.

You’d think that Facebook’s tragic story would be a cautionary tale for other social media sites. However, Twitter announced this week that it’s ready to take the plunge. Read more from about why analysts think Twitter has learned from Facebook’s mistakes. Would you invest?

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2 Responses to Twitter Announces Upcoming IPO

  1. On the positive side for Twitter, Facebook stocks have been performing much better lately, after getting off to a very bumpy start. Whether Twitter will be able to replicate this success is a open question.

  2. ddoukas says:

    I recently read this article that may help address any concerns about Twitter’s IPO…

    I think with Facebook’s stock value rising back to its IPO price, Twitter will be a foreseeable success that will be attractive to stockholders.

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