Klout Score- Ranking Your Social Influence

Below is a link to an article that discusses Klout- an online company that is seeking to rank people’s social media influence – and how it could potentially affect your life. I did not know what a Klout score was until I was asked what mine was. Will this ranking gain importance in the future?


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5 Responses to Klout Score- Ranking Your Social Influence

  1. The problem of scores like Klout, is that it is very difficult to reduce ‘influence’ to one number. Any single metric will always be overly influenced by some factors (which can often be gamed) and not influenced enough by others. That said, people love numbers and rankings, and often give them more weight than they deserve.

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  3. ddoukas says:

    Interesting response regarding why Klout scores do not matter —


    In addition to one’s ability to “game” their own score, Klout does not have a significant reach yet. Most employers, family and friends are either not aware of the Klout ratings or simply do not care enough about them yet. Furthermore, there is no accurate way to measure “influence,” whereas, the time one spends on social media does indeed counts in the Klout rating. Maybe these ratings will become more prevalent/important to us in the future, but I think we need a better way to track influence first.

  4. cmclaugh2013 says:

    I do not think that a Klout score is that valuable of a number, but it did not stop Microsoft from asking me what mine was during a job interview… I didn’t want that job anyway

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