Snapchat Co-Founder On Google Glass: ‘You Kind Of Feel Like You Have A Gun Pointed At You’

I came across this article on Huffington Post this morning. I found this story to be relevant because my peers on the blog have been discussing Google Glass and Snapchat has been a popular application among our age group. I think it is a good idea for Snapchat to stay away from developing anything that could be used by the glasses. The co-founder quotes, “[Y]ou kind of feel like you have a gun pointed at you, and that doesn’t fit into the Snapchat experience and certainly doesn’t make Snapchatters feel comfortable — so that’s not something we’re willing to explore right now.” What interests me is the purpose behind Snapchat. It seems like the founders want people to feel comfortable- but wasn’t this app first used as a medium to send and deliver racy, inappropriate photos? Today it seems like everyone is snapchatting! I myself have an account but personally don’t like the app and am looking forward to the trend passing. I think the photos are pointless and typically believe people are sending them just to be seen making a ‘funny face’ but not really delivering anything important. Do you guys enjoy Snapchat? Where do you think the app is headed in the future?

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3 Responses to Snapchat Co-Founder On Google Glass: ‘You Kind Of Feel Like You Have A Gun Pointed At You’

  1. I wonder if the real reason they aren’t exploring the possibility of bringing Snapchat to Google Glass, is that Google Glass isn’t very popular yet. They might reconsider if and when it does become popular…

  2. sunnycobb says:

    I think it was definitely a phase, I was obsessed with it when it first came out and would receive about 20 in one day- now it’s already dying down. I think a lot of people agree that it’s overused. Now I only get a few a day and only send them if I see something funny enough to make it worth it!

  3. samanthaoppenheim says:

    I, personally, am not a big fan of Snapchat either and rarely send them. When I first downloaded the app last year, I received over a dozen Snapchats each day. Now, I get roughly half of that each week. Therefore, it seems to me that the app’s popularity is declining. Although the concept of sharing content that disappears may seem revolutionary to users at first, people begin to lose interest since the app only offers that one feature. I predict that a more multi-faceted social media site, such as Facebook, will begin offering a version of this disappearing shared content feature, and it will mark the end of the Snapchat.

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