Yelp is a Big Help for Small Businesses

Found this little article on how Yelp positively affects businesses. I believe it will relate well to our upcoming class tomorrow when we discuss Principles of Influence. For those of you don’t know yelp is a website where people can rate and review all different types of businesses such as restaurants, bars, and stores. It really applies to the principles of compliance and liking where people are more likely to do what others do and like. Therefore businesses thrive when they get good reviews on yelp and there is actually an $8000 increase in annual revenue for small businesses with yelp accounts. Check out some of the other numbers displayed in the article!

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3 Responses to Yelp is a Big Help for Small Businesses

  1. wbondi says:

    I am currently the Director of Marketing for a small local business and I have experienced yelp in both a positive and a negative light. On one aspect the number of people that yelp reaches and in the way that they do so is very productive; however, the price that they want in order for your business to be in front of the yelp users who give the reviews etc. is a little steep. They want a good bit of money and there is no insurance to what they can produce. So if it doesn’t work than we have no money made only money lost. In order to get the credible yelp reviewers to give reviews they basically all want free stuff on top of the money you have already given yelp. Therefore, sometime the return is not that much greater than the investment. However, once you have paid for the initial investment I do believe that It is productive and will lead to more profits for the business

    • ssack2013 says:

      I agree that it can be very tricky to gain success from websites like yelp because it reaches such a large amount of people and you cannot control it. One bad review is more memorable than many good reviews. Just like in any business, one unsatisfied customer tells several more people about their bad experience compared to how many people tell others about their good experience. One bad review can be a HUGE hit to your business. My advice: make sure your staff is excellent and make great food before you put yourself on yelp. Reputation is everything especially when you’re on the internet.

  2. When you think about it, it is pretty amazing how much power one website has over small businesses. Yelp can essentially make or break all kinds of businesses around the country.

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