Social media smack talk fires up baseball fans

As the playoff season for baseball is approaching, teams are utilizing many resources to get their fans excited. This article talks about how some teams have used “smack talk” on social media sites to get the fans engaged. I found it surprising that professional teams are instigating fights on Twitter. Although it does get people talking, do you think it is a good idea for professional sports teams to be talking bad about other teams?

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3 Responses to Social media smack talk fires up baseball fans

  1. alexandrapcohen says:

    I found this article to be extremely interesting. On one hand, I think that its important to generate social media buzz around these teams, but on the other hand it is always important to be mindful that it is extremely difficult to monitor what content gets posted on social media. I think that instigating “smack talk” can lead to things getting out of hand.

  2. areeves2119 says:

    The article is interesting but does not surprise me that the MLB has incorporated this avenue for “smack talking.” I personally like the idea because it generates so much attention and hype surrounding the post season as everyone’s favorite team strives to make it to the post season. In today’s work I find that fans are bored with just “smack talking” with their friends, people today want the whole world to know their thoughts and hear their clever comebacks. Social media provides a much larger setting for fans to “smack talk.”

  3. I agree. I think that this is a great idea, as long as they can keep the tone playful. However, at some point someone is going to take it too far, and it could backfire.

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