Importance of Social Media ‘Manners’

Here’s an article that’s particularly important for the seniors out there. According to this article about 42% of job recruiters have reconsidered an applicant based on what they saw on the applicant’s social media sites. Social media sites give recruiters a look at whether or not the applicant will fit into the culture of their organization, so it’s important to get rid of things like grammar errors or profanities. I’ve never used it, but there’s a Facebook app called SimpleWash that supposedly cleans up your Facebook for you. Have any of you guys used it?

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4 Responses to Importance of Social Media ‘Manners’

  1. What I find most surprising about the article it the 42% figure. That seems really low, especially since most recruiters admit to looking candidates up on social media.

    • gborgare says:

      Most recruiters admit to looking candidates up on social media, but:
      – do they find them?
      For example in France, since approximately 2 years, most of the students or graduate change their names on Facebook not be found by recruiters investigating.
      – do the candidates allow their non friends to see a lot of things on their profile? And here is the privacy question which seems to matter more and more for the “youngs”. Here is an interesting article
      – do the recruiters find something disqualifying?

      I think that if we take into consideration all this tracks, it can explain this low percentage.

  2. vgoldbri says:

    I think that company’s are quite right to try to get as much detail about their further employees as possible. Looking at a person’s facebook profil page is for sure a good way to get a lot of private information, maybe even more than one could take from a job interview.
    What makes me wonder is that it seems that so many people still have not realized the affect their facebook activity could have on their life. One should really be aware of what pictures and content one posts. Having pictures of drunken guys on one’s profil page does not make a good impression at all and especially if you want to get a good employment you should really make sure what content you have on your page.

  3. vgoldbri says:

    Sorry for the spelling mistakes… It should be companies…

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