Mover Over Gangnam Style, A New Song Has Hit the World

In class we are continuously looking at how a viral hit starts, and how it proceeds to become so famous. First there was “Friday”, and then “Call Me Maybe”, and most recently “Gangnam Style,” but now there is “The Fox”. In about two weeks I could look like a fool if this video doesn’t pick up any steam, but I personally doubt that will happen.

Yesterday I noticed a video that landed on my News Feed on Facebook with a couple of strange comments. I didn’t bother to view it. Right before I posted this blogpost, I saw the same video posted on Twitter and again on Facebook twice in the span of 3 minutes. The more it spreads around the social media world, the quicker it will pick up steam as a viral hit, especially when it is put in the same sentence as Gangnam Style. 


See for yourself and let me know what you think:


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2 Responses to Mover Over Gangnam Style, A New Song Has Hit the World

  1. We’ll check back in a couple of weeks to see if your prediction pans out.

  2. ssack2013 says:

    Honestly, I will not be at all surprised if this song ends up to have a similar amount of views as “Friday”. Purely because of how ridiculous it is, people will be talking a lot about it. I too have seen multiple people share this video over and over. However, I don’t see it getting as big as “Gangnam Style” or “Call Me Maybe.

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