LinkedIn Cashing In: Social Network To Raise $1B In Share Offering As Stock Flies High

I thought this article was interesting because LinkedIn is planning to raise $1 billion in share offerings. LinkedIn surpassed the second quarter consensus estimates from Wall Street. One reason for this success was the 37% increase in LinkedIn users, up to 238 members, in early August. I find the value LinkedIn is estimated to be worth especially interesting. The value of older social networking sites have shown a drastic decline after a decade. This makes me wonder about the future of LinkedIn.  Is LinkedIn being overvalued, or is LinkedIn properly valued? I think that the value of most social networking sites will decline in the future, but LinkedIn will be an exception. As more and more young adults enter the workforce, LinkedIn will have a continual growing market. This new entering market will have grown up with computers, so they should easily understand how to operate the website. In an age of growing technology, I think that LinkedIn will maintain their position as the main social networking for workers.

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2 Responses to LinkedIn Cashing In: Social Network To Raise $1B In Share Offering As Stock Flies High

  1. mrosamon says:

    I agree that LinkedIn will remain the predominant professional networking site. Although other forms of social media are facing a decline, LinkedIn separates itself from the crowd by offering a more tangible benefit to its users. Loyal LinkedIn users maintain that the site is essential in building a professional network and expanding career opportunities. In an age of uncertain employment, LinkedIn provides a crutch for the average worker at no expense.

  2. When looking at company valuations, it is interesting to see how Facebook is doing as well. After their IPO, the stock plummeted, but now it is doing really well. It seems as though slowly the major social networking sites are figuring out a workable business model.

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