Is Ad Blocking the Future?

As advertising is turning digital should online publications be concerned about ad-blocking software such as AdBlock Plus? According to Forbes Chief Revenue Officer and others the answer is no. Dealing with ad blocking technology does not seem to be a major threat at this point, but could this be a bigger problem for online publications in the near future?


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4 Responses to Is Ad Blocking the Future?

  1. samanthaoppenheim says:

    I happen to disagree with this article and believe that the use of ad blocking will increase in the upcoming years. As the popularity of inbound marketing continues to rise, people are likely to be less tolerant of highly interruptive online ads. Even though effort must be expended to obtain ad blocking software, I think the software does represent a threat to online publications.

  2. gborgare says:

    I would like to highlight a new phenomenon I noticed using AdBlock. More and more websites do not allowed you to view their content if they detect that you are using AdBlock. And the reason is simple: if the ads do not display, the website are not paid by the advertisers. A short decrease in the publicity revenues is not a big deal for an important website with a big audience. But what about a little one, administered by a single person or people who have no monetary interest, using Ads revenue to pay the servers hosting and the things related to the operation of the website? So despite the fact that AdBlocking trend doesn’t seem to be an important threat for Big Websites (as shown in the article), it seems to be a real one for microblogging.

  3. There was in interesting article in Salon today, that argues that AdBlock will actually help save internet advertising. They are already trying to implement a system where some ads make it through, if they are not obtrusive and are essential for the survival of the website:

  4. mmccallu says:

    This article goes perfectly with what we were discussing in class the other day- inbound marketing. I also disagree with the article and think that ad blocking will definitely increase in the future. People are always looking for ways to get rid of the “interruptions” from advertising. Caller ID, Siruis/Pandora radio and Tivo are all ways to avoid any sort of interruption, and I think ad blocking will become much more prevalent. This is why inbound marketing is so important- it’s a way of allowing customers to come to you because they’re interested, and not because you’re making them listen to you.

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