Credit Lenders to Start Looking Towards Social Media

Based on certain social media interactions that people have, different companies are able to send specific advertisements to target people directly. The interactions you make on social media sites often provide insight and clarity to these companies which allows them to make certain decisions regarding their own marketing strategies. Credit lenders may now look to use these interactions to see whether or not people are worthy of doing business with. The idea behind the lenders looking towards social media is that like-minded individuals often flock together–responsible debtors converse and interact with one another, therefore; it makes business sense to engage with this bucket of like minded people.

Lenders are seriously considering using social media for business decisions, however, one issue still remains. Companies need to be able to prove claims based on these interactions. Moral of the story is that people need to be cognizant that social media activity does not go unnoticed.

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One Response to Credit Lenders to Start Looking Towards Social Media

  1. The implications of this are scary. Imagine having to ask someone for their credit score prior to becoming their friends on Facebook.

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