Will Facebook last forever?

Thinking about sites like  MySpace and Messenger, that were very popular in the past, now almost no one use them. I read a case study for another class about  Facebook innovative evolution over time that has allowed to maintain its popularity since it´s creation. 

In my opinion if Facebook continue investing in the developing of new features it will be still very popular in our society.


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2 Responses to Will Facebook last forever?

  1. alexasiegel says:

    Ever since the rising popularity of Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, Twitter, etc., I feel as if Facebook use is slightly declining for certain age groups. For example, many of my Facebook friends will now state their opinions and talk about issues via Twitter rather than making these opinions and issues their Facebook statuses. Personally, I use Facebook a lot less now than I did when I was first introduced to the sight. It seems to be that our parents generation nowadays is getting much more out of Facebook than our generation. I know my mom and dad love using Facebook as a method to reach out to old friends and classmates that they have not contacted since high school and college.
    But, regardless of new applications being introduced, I believe that Facebook will always remain a well known social network and will not die out like Myspace and AIM did. I believe this is because of Facebook’s ability to connect individuals and allow users to post photo albums, blogs, play games, and interact with individuals by liking statuses and photos. I cannot think of another social media site that encompasses all these features. For this reason, I believe that Facebook will always remain a major component of social media.

  2. Facebook’s major strength comes from the huge network externalities it contains. No other site can compete with its number of users or the number of connections between them. This gives Facebook a lot of staying power. However, what might decline over time is how much people use it. If people get bored of sharing content, it could become a rarely accesses rolodex.

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