Is change always a good thing? Facebook thinks so.

Facebook has recently received backlash about its constant reformatting efforts. It’s always good for social media to stay current, but is too much change a problem? With Facebook’s constant changes of format and layout, users are left frustrated. Like anything new, Facebook’s changes take time for users to adjust. Many users, like myself, feel that Facebook should not be something that requires much practice or adaptation. Is this user frustration going to lead to an end for Facebook? Are users going to get tired of having to adjust to every reformat Facebook tries? Other social media, like Twitter and LinkedIn, barely ever change. A user who created an account years ago uses these sites the same way today. Should Facebook quit while it’s ahead? Or is change what keeps it exciting to users?

Attached is an entertaining video poking fun at the confusion and frustration Facebook users experience when facing changes on their Facebook pages. Let me know what you think!

-Katie Friedlander

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2 Responses to Is change always a good thing? Facebook thinks so.

  1. dmarshall92 says:

    I do agree that Facebook’s changes are frustrating. I found the video that you posted entertaining, and although it is exaggerated, it points out the fact the Facebook has been changing its privacy settings. I do not mind the Facebook layout changes as much as I mind the changes in privacy. Facebook has made it very difficult for the users to know what exactly people can see on your profile. New features have become available that allow Facebook users that you are not friends with to still be able to see posts and pictures of you. When Facebook changes these privacy settings, I think it is important that all users are notified of the change.

  2. I agree. The privacy changes are much more worrisome than the layout ones, which people adapt to pretty quickly.

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