Who Went Too Far: The Golf Channel or Twitter Users?


To celebrate MLK Jr’s “I have a dream” speech, the Golf Channel tweeted out for followers to reply back with their “golf” dreams. Twitter users took to the keyboard and blasted the Golf Channel for comparing Golf to Civil Rights. Even though the network was following their parent company of NBC, who tweeted something very similar in order to promote the celebration of the speech’s 50th anniversary, the Golf Channel removed the tweet from their site.

The fact that the Golf Channel retracted their tweet within minutes of the post shows how powerful social media can be. Tell me what you think about which party was more at fault here. Did the Golf Channel go too far in comparing Golf to Civil Rights? Or did the Twitter users go too far in jumping to conclusions and failing to recognize the celebration of the speech’s anniversary?

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2 Responses to Who Went Too Far: The Golf Channel or Twitter Users?

  1. zrose12 says:

    I see nothing wrong with the Golf Channel’s tweet. I think all it does recognize the memorable speech of MLK while lightening the mood with some golf. More importantly, it shows how people can voice their opinions with online social media and be heard and understood. Twitter is a very powerful tool these days that can have enormous effects, both positive and negative.

  2. I think that broadly speaking, this illustrates that it is hard to predict how people will react to a particular social media effort. Even if the Golf channel did this with the best of intentions, they quickly realized that it was not being perceived the way they wanted it to, and had to go on the defensive.

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