State of Social Media Advertising

I have thought a lot about the effectiveness of advertising through popular social media sites. I sometimes find the banner ads and overflow of flashing information on Facebook to be annoying– but I do notice it, nonetheless. I definitely understand the appeal; social media sites have a ridiculous amount of views, so being able to have a guarantee of impressions is without a doubt attractive to advertisers. However, there has to be a balance. Too much advertising could irritate social media users. 

Here’s a link to an article from Business Insider that was written last week and has statistics about this topic.


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One Response to State of Social Media Advertising

  1. One of the big open questions is how to strike this balance on mobile devices. People consistently use mobile devices more. Yet advertising on mobile seems even more invasive than on non-mobile devices, since the screen is smaller, and the ads necessarily use up more of the screen, so they are harder to ignore.

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