Forget Amazon. YouTube is Where Shoppers Do Research.

I thought this article would be interesting to share because myself, like many others tend to think that Amazon is the norm for finding product reviews. However, I learned that more and more people are turning to YouTube to do their product research for 3 major reasons. On YouTube there are no limits on which products can be reviewed; viewers can get reviews on practically everything from automobiles to fast food! Also, in comparison to Amazon, YouTube is a more complete and engaging platform for reviews; video reviews get commented on and shared and have the potential to go viral. Lastly, YouTube is the best place for “early adopters” to get their information.

As a consumer, do you think that YouTube is a more useful social media site for product reviews than Amazon?


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3 Responses to Forget Amazon. YouTube is Where Shoppers Do Research.

  1. amilman says:

    I agree with this article. Not only does YouTube contain more products to view but it also allows you to see the product in action. You are able to see what the product is capable of doing. For example you can watch a video on different makeup products and the different ways to use it. These videos are useful because you get a better idea of what your going to buy and you get a basis for the work you will have to put in.

  2. dmarshall92 says:

    I found this article interesting because I often turn to YouTube over Amazon for product reviews. Youtube is especially helpful because it allows the viewer to actually see what the product can do as someone is using it. For example, when I was looking to buy a new phone, I watched Youtube videos that reviewed several phones. Actually seeing someone use the phone allowed me to get a sense of how easy it was to use and the layout of the phone. Although Amazon reviews are helpful, I definitely am able to get a better sense of the actual product through YouTube reviews.

  3. This is a really interesting trend. I wonder if Google could build on it by aggregating all YouTube reviews for a particular product together. Maybe even allow for a star rating in addition to the video itself.

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